Monday, April 28, 2014

Drug Possession Charges Colorado

If you or a family member is facing drug possession charges in Colorado, the first thing on your agenda should be to hire a competent defense attorney. McAllister Law Office P.C. is an established law firm with extensive courtroom experience in all types of drug charges, DUIs and felonies. Our lawyers can guide you step by step through the proceedings and reduce stress for you during this difficult time. Our services are strictly professional, non-judgemental and every client is treated with care and confidentiality. We are committed to providing each client with a carefully researched, well-argued defense.

We understand that it is your priority to minimize sentences and fines, and to continue on with your reputation and future protected. A good criminal defense lawyer will do everything in their power to defend your rights as a  Colorado citizen and fight for your freedom. Whether you are being charged with drug possession, distribution or medical marijuana malpractice, we have the expertise you need on your side. We have had success in cases involving cocaine, heroin, meth, marijuana and pills. We represent those charged with possession for sale, serious felonies, misdemeanors, first time offenders and those with repeat convictions. Take the first step to a better future today and contact our office for more information.