Monday, April 14, 2014

Denver Criminal Attorney

Find a Denver criminal attorney you can depend on for the best results at McAllister Law Office P.C. Our law firm has been representing the people of Denver, Colorado for over 14 years. We have the experience and skills to deliver a strong defense to individuals and solid legal advice to businesses and corporations. Sean T. McAllister is a leading Denver criminal attorney, and a member of the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar. Specializing in DUI and marijuana law, Mr. McAllister has extensive experience representing dispensary owners, medical marijuana patients and caregivers in cases involving regulatory compliance. In addition, Sean is an influential litigation lawyer, having contributed to the overturning of dispensary limits, leading to changes in regulation and control of medical marijuana.

As a trial lawyer, Sean has had ample success defending the rights of citizens charged with everything from minor misdemeanors to felonies. With experience in DUI defense, civil issues and family law, Sean is well equipped to defend any case. An aggressive defense, backed by solid understanding of the law and meticulous research can make every difference in your case. For corporate legal advice or a criminal defense attorney in Colorado, Sean T. McAllister can give you the upper hand.