Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Drug Charges Colorado

The recent changes in legislation around drug charges in Colorado have left many people unsure about their rights. A criminal defense attorney at McAllister Law Office will have expertise in this area and can be trusted to guide you through any criminal drug charges you may be facing. We have extensive experience with drug distribution charges, drug possession charges and many different cases involving medical marijuana patients and suppliers. Our goal is to protect the rights of innocent people. We do this with confidence, knowledge and experience in order to put forward the most aggressive defense for our clients.

Specializing in marijuana law in Colorado, we can assist in navigating the legislature which is constantly evolving. For businesses involved in medical marijuana we provide advice on the dual licensing scheme at both the state and local level. We are completely familiar with the recently changed regulations and our attorneys have actually worked very closely with the state policymakers in developing the new medical marijuana regulations. For the most informed advice on medical marijuana business regulations, we are your best resource to help you gain compliance with local and state law. From legal advice for businesses to personal drug charges, our attorneys have the professional experience necessary to guide you through the amended marijuana legislation with ease.