Thursday, March 6, 2014

ArcView Group Marijuana Related Industry funding


Below is some info on the ArcView Group, a national marijuana industry funding group. I have no formal association with this group. I'm just passing this along as a courtesy for those of you who might need funding. Notice there is a short window to apply for funding here and it sounds like you would need to apply ASAP. Good luck and I would be interested to hear any feedback on ArcView, good or bad. Thanks, 

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From: "Michael Blunk" <>
To: "Sean T. McAllister" <>
Sent: Tuesday, March 4, 2014 10:58:04 AM
Subject: Re: CO opportunities

Hi Sean,

If you are looking to raise capital, I encourage to read through and respond to this email ASAP as we are fast approaching the deadline to be included in the selection process for our April 3rd investor forum in Boston, MA. 

We have a network of over 150 high-net worth accredited investors who are eager connect with the top entrepreneurs and investors. In just the last few months companies that have pitched ArcView investors have raised well over $4 million dollars in capital that we know of.  We expect that in the coming months that number is likely to be in the tens of millions.

To give you access to these investors, we have two main avenues. The first, is offering a select group of companies the ability to do live online presentations to our investor members! This allows select companies to get in front of our investor members usually within 1-2 weeks of submitting an application to our Network. The other opportunity is to give a presentation to our investors in person at one of our investor forums. If you're interested in either opportunity, read through the all details included in this email.

If you are selected to give a live online presentation, it will cost only $475 (if publicly traded, it's $2,500) and, you will automatically be in the running to be considered for one of the highly coveted slots for companies to present on the big stage at ArcView's next investor meeting on April 3rd in Boston, MA. You must do an online presentation to be eligible to present at the April meeting, and it must be done by March 12th at the latest. If selected to present in Boston there will be a $975 fee for two company representatives to attend, present, and set up a table.

The live presentations will involve you presenting via webcam with a slideshow to all the investors who have chosen to log on that day. You will have a 7 minute presentation, followed by a 7 minute Q&A session with the investors. You may give an online presentation without being included in the selection process for Boston.

The first step in applying to our Network is to submit an application through Gust using our Entrepreneur Application. After you submit your application it will be reviewed by either myself or another ArcView representative. Please also reply to this email if you do plan to submit on Gust, as this will help ensure a faster response after you submit. If rejected, you will receive an email detailing why and inviting you to resubmit, unless there's a specific reason you can't apply. If selected, an ArcView representative will reach out to discuss next steps. You will have the ability to modify your application after it is submitted, so don't worry about it getting it perfect right off the bat.

After the review, if we think you are ready or close to ready to pitch, the next step will be to sign our pitch agreement and submit the $475 fee (or $2,500 if publicly traded).  Then we will set you up with a date and time of your presentation (usually within just a few days), and train you on how to use the webinar platform.

1. Submit application via Gust
2. An ArcView associate will be in touch
3. if selected, submit the agreement and $475 presentation fee
4. receive training on the online system and how to give your presentation
5. give your live online presentation (usually within one week of applying)
6. receive feedback from the investors on your pitch, and contact information from investors if they're interested in discussing your company further
7. In early March, our company selection committee will vote and decide on the top companies to invite to the April 3rd in-person investor meeting. By March 10th we expect to notify people of the committee's decisions. If selected for the in-person April meeting in Boston it will cost $975 to present.

Check out some of the recent media exposure we've generated for our company and investor members.  Also, check out the testimonials below my signature from companies and investors to get a feel for the value people are getting out of participating with ArcView.

If you have any questions, please let me know. I look forward to seeing your Gust application, and helping you prepare for your presentation to the ArcView Investor Network.



Michael G. Blunk | Business Development
The ArcView Group |
169 Eleventh St., San Francisco, CA 94103
(o) 855-892-1951 | (d) 415-890-4204

"ArcView has proven to be great for FunkSac. Not only were we able to show our plan and vision to prospective investors in Las Vegas, but also initiate many business opportunities that have turned into deals.  We have secured $350,000 of the $500,000 we came to ArcView for and we will be closing out very soon based on meetings this week.  I strongly recommend entrepreneurs and startups in the cannabis industry leverage the ArcView and its members for the knowledge and capital." - Garett Fortune, FunkSac

"As the social network for the cannabis community, MassRoots gives marijuana consumers an opportunity to share their experiences and connect with like-minded people. The ArcView Group gave us an opportunity to pitch our company to top-tier investors and raise $150,000 to create a marketing and distribution channel for legalized cannabis and its ancillary products. I have no doubt MassRoots would not be where it is today without the ArcView Group and I look forward to delivering substantial returns to its shareholders." -- Isaac Dietrich, Co-Founder, MassRoots

“Each ArcView meeting gets better and better.  You never fail to bring excitement, publicity, optimism, and great people together. It was particularly gratifying to talk with the Mayor of Seattle in such an intimate setting. Presenting to the investors was a genuine pleasure. I love hearing their feedback and getting to know them. UpToke is receiving a torrent of media attention and investor interest in our vaporizer because of our participation in the ArcView Angel Network.” - Jason Levin, Uptoke

“As surreal as it sounds, we literally sent the ArcView Group an email inquiry and within a few months found ourselves at the Wall Street, NYC  event meeting highly qualified investors among a swarm of international press. The industry connections made, the expert ArcView mentor guidance received and the investor feedback has directly contributed to our business development and tremendous momentum. Our participating in ArcView also resulted in game changing funding events.  It’s damn true we came for the dollars but stayed for the change -  being a part of ArcView’s role in shifting American culture is and continues to be profound. Working within ArcView is an exciting place to be as the cannabis prohibition comes to its certain end.” - Joshua Mezher and Gavin Kogan, Hydrogarden Industry Innovations

“ArcView has been instrumental in Heliospectra’s success as we build RADIANT LED Growth Systems Inc., our US subsidiary. Arc View’s network and insight accelerated our knowledge of the competitive landscape and has been front and center in shaping our launch strategy.  Numerous investors, journalists and customers are interested in the results of our recently launched Beta Test.” – Chris Walker, Radiant LED Growth Systems, Inc.  (Company Member)

“Gaining access to early stage companies such as Canna Security America and Apeks Fabrication through our membership in ArcView is providing a huge competitive advantage to us as we explore companies that are poised to serve this multi-billion dollar industry. ArcView and my fellow members are clearly positioned to be the dominant investors in early stage ancillary related businesses serving the cannabis industry. I am honored to be part of such a distinguished group. There is no other group like ArcView in our space." - Tripp Keber, Dixie Elixirs & Edibles and Red Dice Holdings

" As a recent addition to the ArcView Group, I can't express my gratitude to the group enough. Coming from the Midwest, and Indiana in particular, I don't have a lot of experience inside the cannabis industry. I joined ArcView to look for business opportunities, but not only that. I was searching for a group of individuals working toward a common goal.

I wasn't sure what to expect from my first investor meeting. Coming from an industry that doesn't allow much time for travel to conferences or meetings, it was going to be hard for me to leave my businesses behind for 4 days to fly across the country. Since I had little experience in the cannabis industry, I expected to utilize the trip to my first ArcView investor meeting as a learning experience.

I was nervous to walk into a room full of people, whom I'd assumed were all coming from the cannabis industry. I was wrong. The first day I met so many people that were in the same shoes I was in, coming from various backgrounds, but all successful in their respective industries - primarily as entrepreneurs or executives. I immediately felt at home within the group.

Not only did I learn a lot about an industry quite different from my own, but I realized how the cannabis industry parallels with so many others. Everyone in the group brought different perspective and experience to the table that made for a much richer and thoughtful conversation about the future of cannabis legalization and the business movements required to make it happen.

I'd expected to use my time with ArcView at that initial meeting as a learning experience to arm myself with the tools and understanding I'd need in future gatherings, I found myself energized by the group and the leadership within ArcView. I made my first investment with a company just a few weeks after the conclusion of the investor meeting and expect another deal to close within a week.

The knowledge, and camaraderie within ArcView is palpable. I feel that I've already learned so much in such a short time, but it's so important for us all pull together to keep the industry momentum moving forward. ArcView's members have been an invaluable resource and window into the world of legal cannabis. And this is just the beginning. " - Ed Rudisell

“I’ve never been part of a group that is so focused and well organized. The other investors bring so much experience and enthusiasm for the industry. I feel so lucky to be put in front of the best minds in this business with the opportunity to put my money behind these amazing entrepreneurs. I can’t wait for the next Arcview meeting.”  - Dave Daily, Grav Labs


Michael G. Blunk | Business Development
The ArcView Group |
169 Eleventh St., San Francisco, CA 94103
(o) 855-892-1951 | (d) 415-890-4204