Saturday, November 2, 2013

Marijuana Arrest Denver

If you have had a marijuana arrest in Denver, then you will need legal representation to make sure you receive the best outcome possible. When you hire McAllister Law Office P.C., you will have the best representation possible. We specialize in the defense of drug related charges in Denver. We are constantly updating ourselves on the new developments that are constantly occurring this field of law. 

Our philosophy is to provide our clients, who have a marijuana arrest in Denver, with personalized attention by closely working with them in mounting an effective defense. With 14 years of experience, McAllister Law Office, P.C., protects the rights of their clients that have misdemeanor or felony charges against them. We have the knowledge, strength, experience and confidence to see that you are treated fairly.

Often times it is wise to consult an attorney before you face a marijuana arrest in Denver. We can advise you on how to be cautious and preventative rather than having to fight a criminal charge. This is an especially good idea if you are a primary caregiver for a patient who receives medical marijuana. A primary caregiver is stringently regulated by the law and is subject to a variety of restrictions on the local and state level. It is important to know your rights in these situations.