Friday, October 11, 2013

Marijuana Defense Attorney Denver

When looking for a marijuana defense attorney in Denver, there is really only one choice, a law firm that is on the leading edge of drug making policy in the state and who is very well versed in new and old marijuana laws, McAllister Law Office P.C. This is the firm who has the experience from years of representing clients who have been charged with marijuana related offenses. This is what is required in a marijuana defense attorney in Denver

Clients of McAllister Law Office P.C. trust this firm to protect their rights when representing them against felony and misdemeanor charges. This firm has marijuana defense attorneys who have the philosophy to provide clients with personalized attention working closely with them to mount an effective defense. We offer a wide array of criminal defense legal services such as: felony and misdemeanor criminal defense; drug possession distribution charges; business matters involving the Colorado marijuana law (Amendment 64); DUI-DWAI criminal defense attorney; medical marijuana criminal and civil representation; and marijuana product representation.

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