Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Marijuana Defense Law Firm Denver

McAllister Law Office is a marijuana defense law firm in Denver that is on the leading edge of civil and criminal defense for marijuana related offenses in Colorado. We are well known for defending the rights of those charged with offenses both felony and misdemeanor. We realize that the repercussions of being charged with marijuana related offenses. It affects your life in many ways. We are here to minimize the disruption in your life and see to it that you receive a defense you are entitled to have by law. 

We are a marijuana defense law firm for a reason. We are involved in policy making in the ever-changing marijuana laws in our state. We are very interested in seeing that the laws are reasonable for those who chose to use cultivate and sell marijuana under the law. We are uniquely qualified to represent our clients because of our experience and interest in seeing that your rights are defended. On our website you can read the involvement we have had in forming Colorado laws and advising for the industry. 

McAllister Law Office can help interpret the charges against you and advise and represent you in any upcoming court proceeding. We have done so with a positive outcome for hundreds of clients who have come to us requiring representation. We are a marijuana defense law firm in Denver that knows how to deal with the court and DA’s to create a positive outcome for you.