Sunday, July 14, 2013

Marijuana Defense Attorney Denver

McAllister Law Office is a firm of defense attorneys in Denver who are experienced in the handling of marijuana related cases. Medical marijuana, medical marijuana caregivers, medical marijuana business regulation and representation, medical marijuana patient representation and infused marijuana product manufacturer representation is all in our field of expertise. 

If you are looking for a marijuana defense attorney in Denver, you will find one at our firm. Sean McAllister and the team of attorneys at the firm are up to date on all old and new marijuana legislation. It is imperative to find a defense attorney that is on the leading edge of new development in this field because it is ever changing in Colorado at this time. 

If you are a caregiver, a patient or a business, there are different laws that regulate each situation. There can be civil or criminal charges on the table. We are attuned to the specifics of the law on these kinds of charges. You can trust us to have your best interest at heart because we believe in what we are doing. 

Everyone has the right to fair representation in this country and we will see that you are represented by a marijuana defense attorney who has the expertise to defend you in a way to create a positive outcome for you.