Saturday, July 6, 2013

Marijuana Charges Denver

We believe in aggressive representation for honest people at McAllister Law Office P.C. If you have had Marijuana charges brought against you in Denver then you will want to call us. You have rights as a citizen to be defended against these charges and you need to have legal representation that knows what it takes to mount an aggressive defense.

Experience in new and old marijuana laws is essential to a good defense when marijuana charges in Denver have been leveled against you. McAllister Law Office is on the leading edge of the ever changing laws concerning possession, medical marijuana, medical caregiver, medical marijuana business, marijuana medical patient and infused marijuana products. You need a law firm with experience and dedication to be represented in a manner that you deserve.

We have many years experience and have defended many hundreds of cases in both misdemeanor and felony, civil and criminal regarding marijuana related offenses. We have been on the leading edge of law making policy. Defending marijuana charges in Denver and the State of Colorado is our specialty. We take it seriously because we know your personal and professional life may be adversely affected by the outcome of having marijuana charges pressed against you. Call us.