Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Marijuana Arrest Denver

McAllister Law Office P. C is a law firm in Denver that knows how to defend a client who has a marijuana arrest. When you have a marijuana arrest in Denver you want the best attorney to defend your rights as an honest citizen. You have to demand the best in representation and the best is McAllister Law Office PC.

We know how upsetting a marijuana arrest in Denver can be; it turns your life upside down. You need knowledge, strength, experience and confidence on your side when facing this difficult time in your life. You need to trust the one you turn to defend your rights and create a positive outcome. McAllister Law Office can help you navigate the legal system because we know that the war on drugs is really a war on people. The legal system will come down hard on you and to avoid ending up in jail or on probation for years you need aggressive representation.

Defending a Marijuana arrest in Denver requires a strong 4th Amendment defense, and aggressive posture with DA’s, and good investigation. Don’t settle for less. Come to us, an experienced law firm, who can navigate you through the legal system. We have defended clients in hundreds of cases such as misdemeanor drug possession, felony drug possession, first time offender and possession for sale. We know marijuana drugs laws both new and old.