Thursday, July 11, 2013

Drug Possession Charges Colorado

Drug possession charges in Colorado requires a law firm that is very familiar with laws in this area. We specialize in felony and criminal drug possession charges in Colorado regularly. McAllister Law Office is the choice of those charged with possession in this state because we know what it takes to create a positive outcome. We will work to defend your rights.

The war on drugs is really a war on people and you need to have a law firm that is experienced and aggressive so that you will not end up in jail or on probation for years. Your livelihood may hang in the balance after facing drug possessions charges in Colorado. You still need to get to work and pay your bills. You will want a law firm that understands the system, which can give you a 4th amendment defense, and holds aggressive postures with DA’s.

If you have a misdemeanor drug possession, felony drug possession, first time offender or possession for sale charges against you, call McAllister Law Office. We have handled hundreds of cases with the one on one attention that your specific case requires. Each circumstance is different and we understand that your rights must be defended as a citizen of Colorado.